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The story about us is almost inseparable from how our name came about. Because many people tell us it sounds so aggressive. In truth, it is meant ironically and plays with this "bigger better stronger further" theme that we always have in marketing. The idea originally came from, Arnd's former place of work. 

There was a staff project that had designed an energy drink. It was just supposed to taste good. Without this advertising nonsense about "giving wings", being a "monster" or somehow conveying "rich kid" themes. And therefore an aggressive sounding name was chosen. With a pretty funny and playful comic logo.

And it's no different with real estate. Everyone is incredibly serious. And they build fantastically. But if you take a look "under the bonnet", you get scared.

So the idea was: we take this aggressive-sounding name. And the logo shows a bird of prey, but a very harmless one ...

The story about us

...if you want to know for sure
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All beginning

It all started when I came to Mallorca for the first time at the age of just over 30. At a manufacturer's incentive from ACER. And I was thrilled by the diversity of this island. Its different vegetation zones. Its quiet and tranquil corners. And its metropolitan flair in the island capital Palma. Over the years, I began to fall more and more in love with this place. And I began to buy properties and plots of land.

I then tried to develop good projects with employed managers who were on the island. But little happened. In September 2019, the time had finally come. Everything was settled in Germany and I moved to Mallorca and took over the management. 

Wasn't there something about Holiday Rental?

The company has always had different business areas. It actually started with Holiday Rental. Then, when the laws tightened up, we slipped more into long-term rentals. And we were amazed at how well that went. Customers kept telling me that that was exactly what they were missing. Simply location, design and quality. That's all it takes.

I then saw that there was frequent demand from our many satisfied Holiday Rental customers for long-term rentals. And also for purchase. Apart from that, it was great fun. Really great customers! Incredibly positive feedback. Also super motivating for the team, a really nice business model! So I decided that we would at least start again with individual objects in an exclusive setting. At the moment, the concrete conversion plans are underway. And I hope that we can start again in 2022! You'll be excited about what's coming. That's a promise!

What is different about you?

My team includes architects, engineers, interior designers and, of course, customer service, sales and administration. A few months ago, we thought about what makes us special. And what our mission statement could be. And we came up with it, or rather Pilar's friend came up with it: converting spaces into homes.

And that is exactly what we mean. We only buy properties in which we see something special. And then we create a concept where we preserve and, if possible, enhance precisely these core properties. And with contemporary design and outstanding qualities, we let them come to the fore again that they deserve. It can also be that we simply like a location very much. But the property does not. And we see too many disadvantages in renovating it. Then we tear down and build anew. 

But it's always about creating a home. An atmosphere that everyone likes. In which everyone feels comfortable. A property must always be such that we would immediately move in ourselves with enthusiasm. That is our credo.

And now also sustainable

Everything we do is designed for sustainability. And that is not story-telling. I mean that we deliver the best qualities. To have a sustainably satisfied customer. Or sustainably lower costs. Because cheaply made often means repeatedly made. 

And our DNA is different. Certainly also because we are mostly our own customers. Because we build in order to rent out. And therefore we don't run the risk of having to cut our teeth on the intrinsic problem that every property developer has. After all, the less he invests in his client's property, the more he earns. Basically, if he wants to do a good job, he always works against his own short-term financial interest. 

But even when we build for sale, we would never cut corners! Because we firmly believe that we have a long road ahead of us together with our customers. And because we believe that there are customers who can see and appreciate high quality. And are just as interested in a sustainable product as we are. And it is for these customers that we work. With passion and high commitment! 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me. We build for you and look forward to your input!