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7 Best locations in Mallorca

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TOP 7 best locations in Mallorca

We don't have to beat about the bush for the first place! The clear winner is Portixol

We have a few posts about Portixol, check them out if Portixol interests you!

Second place is also easy. Of course el Molinar. Following the promenade along the beach to the east, you will automatically come to Molinar from Portixol. 

We have a few posts about Molinar, check them out if Molinar interests you!

The third square is admittedly a bit of a matter of taste. I love the lively hustle and bustle, the low buildings that nestle around the market hall, the extraordinarily good gastronomic offerings. But of course it's not really quiet.

The exception is Es Jonquet. A small area of Santa Catalina that can only be reached through two gates and is closed to general car traffic.

Palma is simply a big city worth living in! Not huge, but with about half a million officially counted inhabitants, just big enough to offer all the important amenities and infrastructure. But still small enough to get from A to B quickly. And to be able to do everything in the city centre on foot.

For me, clear favourites of the best locations in Mallorca: The small town of Pollenca in the north of the island is always worth at least one trip. It has the charm of a small town in the mountains, although it lies on the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains. And to the east, with the associated harbour town of Port de Pollenca, it is joined by a beautiful harbour. 

The sophisticated Port d'Andratx has a long luxury tradition and probably the highest luxury villa density on Mallorca.

At the same time, the landscape is incredibly beautiful and the natural harbour is an outstandingly charming place for a holiday.

Son Vida has developed inexorably since the 50s into one of the most luxurious areas around Palma. Particularly ambitious golfers and people who value security will hardly find an alternative to this location.

Son Vida - Beverly Hills Palmas
Son Vida Golf - Plots in Son Vida
Arabella Sheraton Luxury Hotel Son Vida

Where is the most beautiful place on Mallorca?

A frequently asked question. Especially in summer, old acquaintances - who thought they had sunk into oblivion - get in touch and want to hear spontaneous tips and absolute truths from the island's resident.

Honestly, I have no idea! A lot is a matter of taste. A lot depends on what kind of people you like to have around you? I'm more into invisible luxury, others like pomp and splendour. 

The only thing that really helps is, after a pre-selection such as the 7 best locations on Mallorca, to simply see where your own feeling of happiness is strongest.

As a basic indicator of this list, you can assume that Son Vida is a little older on average, just like Port d'Andratx. Certainly not the perfect environment for the Berlin Mitte style icon.

Others will certainly say, and not without justification, that Portixol is actually dominated by a jumble of shabby little houses. And yes, what is charm for some is simply dilapidated for others.

Therefore, I think that everyone has to decide for themselves what is really the best location in Mallorca. I just wanted to give you a personal choice. And I am looking forward to your feedback on what your best location on Mallorca is! Just write it in the comments!


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