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Please do not apply again! We have so many great applications that we will almost certainly complete the process from the existing applications.

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First of all: If I should have used the wrong word somewhere (possibly also in the automatic translation), then I really don't mean that I would rather have a male applicant than a female applicant. That is not the case. And I would be very happy to welcome a large number of female applicants in the process!

Who am I looking for?

I'm looking for you, if you're up for it, to let me train you to be my right-hand man at Predator SL, Predator Holding SL and Predator Ventures SL, which is in the process of being formed. So we're not talking about a "normal" assistant position here, this is more along the lines of a board officer. But somehow it is not, because we are too small at the moment in terms of the number of employees. And I want to change that with you...

Our activities range from real estate projects to classic investment management with securities, bonds and individual investments. For us, real estate projects means less property development business with the aim of selling, and more the refinement of a property with a very high quality location, possibly combined with a conversion and the ultimate goal of renting.

What should you bring with you?

Passion and curiosity. In my opinion, these are the most important assets if you want to achieve something. You need to have an alert mind, be interested in everything and anything, and then manage to decide on a topic and pursue it in depth and with full passion.

The biggest part of my workload at the moment is the operational construction business. This starts with negotiations with manufacturers to agree general conditions for the almost 20 projects I am trying to manage here, up to actual normal site visits. This part will remain at a demanding level for the next 1 - 2 years, where your first task would be to organize expert help for us. Then the focus will probably move either more towards product strategy (what do we do with real estate? which properties do we buy? what is the usage scenario?) or investment strategy (we are just very slowly building a small but fine VC division). Right now, my job is simply a cauldron of activity. I program the website, race to the site. Talking to customers. And suppliers. Actually like a super small company, only that we are already pretty big in terms of the volumes we move.

The job for both of us will therefore be to transform this group of companies with its many divisions but currently few employees into a company that can take the next stage of development. And in which responsibility is spread over more shoulders so that there are no unnecessary obstacles to growth.

That means, first of all, that I will ask you to take smaller things off my hands. And the better you grow into it, the bigger the things will become. That's why the name assistant is not quite right, because at least it doesn't define the goal of the job. I also don't need someone to make appointments for me. There are tools for that. I need someone who can eventually go to construction sites on their own, talk to customers and acquire objects.

We will then jointly try to fill the various areas with new colleagues. So that the structure also keeps up with our growth.

Micromanagement adé?

My way of building a business is to question every little process part at the beginning and then rebuild it IT-based. My way of doing business is highly opportunistic. What was good yesterday can be bad today. We have to use our resources as efficiently as possible. And constantly question our decisions. What I hate is inaction. What I hate even more is bureaucracy. By that I don't mean that processes run in a structured way. I mean agonizing, superfluous bureaucracy.

My way of working is: Go for it! Admittedly, I'm more of a trial-and-error type. I would not be well compatible with a candidate who wants to discuss everything to death. Or likes to be in big meetings. Or tries to tweak a plan until reality overtakes it. I generally don't want to have discussions that aren't about making one thing better. But if we can make something better together, then that's exactly what fulfills me personally. If you tick similarly, then please apply!

Where is the work?

We are based in Portixol, a trendy district of Palma de Mallorca right by the sea. By the way, the picture shows your real workplace. If you have to move for the job, we can certainly get a short-term interim accommodation secured.

Be smart and fast!

It is important to me that you are extremely smart. Understand things quickly. Question things. Even I sometimes have shitty ideas ... See things for yourself that can be improved. Look for work on your own because you see it. I am looking for a person who is active. Not passive. But at the same time has the intellectual background to question ourselves and our activities strategically. Who is self-confident. But not vain.

I expect perfect and business fluent English. And at least very good Spanish. German is nice. But only an option as well as Swedish or French.

A high-caliber, completed international education is a clear advantage. This could be in the field of business administration, but also in the mathematical-scientific field or in an engineering science, which can also be related to construction, but does not have to be. I would also welcome a business informatics specialist or industrial engineer. For me, the studies are more about seeing how well you have done.

But: Just convince me, if you think you are simply better than the other girls and boys with the great degree in your pocket...!

So, a long personal text. So that you know what to expect. And hopefully I could reach you with this admittedly unusual address. If so, I look forward to hearing from you and ask you to squeeze your application into this form and to use the English language!