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Cala Mayor - Construction Site Report 2

Built up area Cala Mayor
And the reconstruction of our Cala Mayor penthouses continues. Still in demolition, unbelievably much carry the construction workers of HOLGER out of the apartments ...
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Just as a quick update, the demolition work in our two Cala Mayor penthouses continues. As you can easily see in the pictures, the remaining plasterboard cladding, such as the suspended ceilings and also the floors and stairs must now be demolished. This requires significantly more working time, because in parallel, of course, the technical facilities are to be demolished. But in a controlled manner.

We are now in the second week. And hope to be able to start construction work promptly. The schedule is tight. But feasible.

First act of the reconstruction in Cala Mayor

Unbelievable, what quantities of debris we also have on the terrace. There was so much wood that now everything has to be torn down again. And with these quantities the elevator is quite busy ...

You can still see the ugly tile floor through here, on which the whole construction rests.

By the way, the big penthouse in Cala Mayor is already rented for several years. The small penthouse you can still rent or reserve. We plan to move in on 01 April 2023. The next update will come again in one or two weeks, until then greets you


Architect and partner

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