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Christmas menu at R3SPIRA

Fundacio Predator Charity with R3spira
The cooperation of R3SPIRA and PREDATOR SL continues. The mayor was just there. And our foundation is ready for action!
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The cooperation between R3SPIRA and PREDATOR SL continues,

We have already reported on the blog here about one of the charity projects we support. In this case, we offer a free meal once a week to needy families in Pollenca.

In cooperation with the R3SPIRA restaurant, we have been actively involved since June 2021. Nico, the boss of R3SPIRA, provides his time, labour and the restaurant for cooking and serving, we pay for the food.

Together with the social services department of Pollenca and with the support of the mayor, we have found a good and unbureaucratic way to inform the families concerned and to ensure that the help reaches where it is really needed.

Nico, owner of R3SPIRA, with his daughter
Nico, owner of R3SPIRA, with his daughter

not a social hammock ...

In Spain, the social safety net is massively weaker than in Germany, and families in need are much more dependent on help from private individuals or companies or even foundations. When the Corona crisis hit, the problem became even more acute.

Corona has not done better

We could see very clearly from the figures that, especially at the beginning of the aid, we fed up to 200 families a week at the peak. The number then dropped to about 50-100 families in the summer. At the moment we are even down to 15 families.

Fundacio Predator Charity with R3spira
Visit from the Mayor of Pollenca

Visit from the Mayor

We have just had an important visit. The mayor of Pollenca came along with the two social workers, who helped us a lot with their unbureaucratic and quick manner. At the end of the year, all those involved wanted to exchange ideas and discuss the continuation of the cooperation.

This Tuesday we have a special Christmas menu. There is "sopa Nadal", a creamy potato soup. Then, for the main course, a spicy chicken stuffed with mushrooms and apples and, to top it all off, the classic tarte tatin.

Anyone can help!

I think out loud: What is the point of our wandering through this beautiful world if we can't contribute something to help others? Everyone can do something. No great resources are needed. Everyone can help as much as they can. It's just that we all have to contribute together!

Fundació Predator founded

Where do we come from?

Our founder, Arnd, has always supported charity projects with They have financed the construction of libraries and schools in Africa for non-profit organisations, supported projects in which homeless people were reintegrated into society or financed the necessary beds for emergency children's homes, to name just a few examples. We were often surprised because we thought that these were areas where the state had a duty anyway. But we have often found that the state simply does not act.

How do we want to help?

Arnd's idea has always been to "multiply" aid. That is, to help organisations that are already providing aid. In an efficient and voluntary way. And to support these organisations with resources, mostly funds, so that they can deliver their help on the ground. A second important point is that ideally it should be "help for self-help" that characterises the projects we support. What is meant by this is that the projects should not be forever and without perspective. Rather, we should provide something like "start-up financing", which, for example through improved education, leads to the structures that have been built being able to be operated independently by those who were previously in need of help.

The foundation stone is laid

In 2021 we founded the Fundació Predator from PREDATOR SL . And initially equipped it with a capital of 250,000 euros to be able to support projects on Mallorca. The website is not ready yet, but you can find a first idea under

Help out!

We welcome tips on projects that could use our support. And we are also happy to receive donations. As a non-profit charitable foundation, we can of course issue donation receipts, which are incidentally also tax-deductible in Germany.

So help us to help! If you have any questions, please contact us.. We want to stay as lean as possible in the foundation. And not to "burn up" our foundation capital with personnel costs or other expenses, but to be able to donate 100% of it to the good cause. We can guarantee the same for your donation.

The imbalance in the world is growing. At the same time, the willingness to help others through altruistic and voluntary work is growing in many places. We want to help those who are already helping others so that they can help even better. Help us to do so!

With this in mind: Merry Christmas!


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