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Finca Galatzó

Finca Galatzó
The Finca Galatzó has done it to me, already the landscape on the way is a pleasure. Time went by, we were outside and mostly in a good mood. And the nice donkey is the icing on the cake!
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Winter 2021 / 2022 is starting off well. After a rather rainy period when we visited Dinosaur Tours Mallorca, the sun has now been shining for weeks. Yesterday was slightly cloudy, but a brilliant day to look for an outdoor activity with the kids.

Xenia, the best wife of all, came up with the idea of Finca Galatzó.

So I drove there with the kids. The approach via Calvia and Es Capdellá is winding and beautiful. The last short stretch is not for people who are very attached to their cars. No asphalt, lots of potholes. But that is the price of country life ...

Then packed the bikes out of the family carriage and off we went.

Finca Pública Galatzó

What is the Finca Galatzó?

The Finca Galatzó is an old agricultural property that was farmed and later made available to the public by the municipality. The farm roads have been converted into hiking routes and can also be partly climbed by bicycle. But: There is quite a lot of incline and many small stones, as is usual here on Mallorca.

Finca Galatzó

On the way to the manor house there is also one of the small storage huts where the tenants had to deposit the "tithe", as I think it was called in Germany, to their feudal lord. This was the tenth part of the harvest that was due to the owner for the position of the land.

Picnic is the order of the day

At the end, the old manor house appeared majestically. Conveniently, it has a built-in chapel on the right. On the large forecourt, tables and benches are set up for a picnic, and further in front is a kind of small, landscaped park that invites you to linger.

Finca Galatzó

But the real attraction is behind it and it magically draws children in, especially, but not only: A small enclosure with animals. When we were there, there was only one very well-maintained and rather nice donkey standing around and willing to be stroked. A really nice and cute donkey, even if the sentence sounds really funny...

Finca Galatzó

In order not to completely forget the culture, we then took a closer look at the manor house. There, the stations of the upscale peasant life of yesteryear are beautifully renovated. And there is still an uninviting coffee machine. So you'd better bring your stuff with you ...

Finca Galatzó

The old oil mill with the (necessary) explanations and the old kitchen were great. That's probably how it was, real life back then. Very hard, dispensable. But not really full of entertainment ...

Then it was back to the car with the bikes. And in a cloud of dust towards civilisation.

Suitable for children?

Absolutely suitable as a short excursion even with smaller children on foot. Prams should be suitable for off-road use. Children's bicycles with smaller children should either be left at home or put up with grumbling on small sections, depending on the skills and willpower of the rascals. For older children or adults, the hiking trails are probably much more interesting. I suspect that they are not really suitable for biking, but I have not yet been able to try them out. If you know, please leave a comment!

Finca Galatzó

It was fun, the landscape is amazing. The time went by, we were outside and mostly in a good mood. I give it 5 stars. 

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