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El Camino in Palma
Palma Old Town

El Camino Palma

Noblesse meets nonchalance

A polarizing concept

El Camino is definitely no longer an insider tip and has already managed, as befits a polarizing restaurant, to split opinions between admiration and less admiration. That's why I don't want to go into too much detail in this post about how the food, or the staff, won me over. I'm more concerned with highlighting how the basic concept won me over!

Noblesse meets nonchalance

First of all, chapeau to this great design! The interior is a real eye-catcher, with great attention to detail and an elegant design. The marble counter, brushed bronze lighting, coffered ceiling and mosaic floor make El Camino a place where nobility and casualness form a perfect symbiosis. The long marble counter stands out in particular.

What makes El Camino so special?

I think the concept is genius. After all, it's common knowledge that the bar is like a place of hospitality, where friends, family and strangers come together and connect. It's the place to listen to exciting conversations while enjoying a delicious drink or culinary experience. The bartender is like a good friend, always ready to lend an ear and or recommendation for the next drink. This is exactly what El Camino manages to do par excellence.

So far, I have met interesting people at every visit to El Camino. The long bar simply invites you to talk to your "bar neighbors" about the culinary delicacies, the good wine, or even about God and the world. It is easy to be inspired by this vibrant atmosphere. There are many great restaurants on Mallorca, but none where you sit together so informally at a long bar.

One should perhaps know that the El Camino works in 3 shifts for the evening business. The first two shifts are heavily clocked, especially in the summer months. The last shift, however, is usually always determined by the seating of the guests. Therefore, you should make sure to book your table always in the last time slot.

I am curious what you think about the EL Camino.

El Camino in Palma
El Camino in Palma





Carrer de Can Brondo, 4
Balearic Islands

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