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Es Taller Valldemossa

Es Taller Valldemossa

Modern kitchen in the car workshop

The es Taller Valldemossa is located at the end of the village on a sandy parking lot. A rather inconspicuous location in the beautiful mountain village of Valldemossa. A bit difficult therefore the evaluation of the location.

Let's start with the basics: How do we evaluate Valldemossa? From the point of view of the locals, any car ride that takes longer than 15 minutes is more like a trip. And from a distance of half an hour, no Mallorcan will come to visit you. Unless you invite over the weekend ... Therefore: Can a place that is 20 minutes away from Palma be a good location for a restaurant?

Behind the 7 mountains ...

Valldemossa is an idyllic mountain village, repeatedly voted the prettiest village in Europe. But to answer the question: I think one would have to evaluate Valldemossa itself basically neutral. According to the motto: If you like mountains, then just go there. And then, when evaluating the location, to focus more on the location in the town, i.e. there again compared to other gastronomies. This seems to me personally to be the most sensible, but write me your opinion gladly in the comments!

The location of es Taller Valldemossa is of course so that it is within walking distance of the town. Fiddlesticks! How else could it be in a village with 1800 inhabitants?

So next attempt: let's examine positive location features:

Is there a great view? No.

Is there anything spectacular about the place? Not really. But somehow it's just idyllic.

Hmm, you understand my problem? I like the place, but objectively the 5 star rating for the location that I had intuitively noted initially is simply not. I have to correct myself there to 3 stars. Although I do like the location.

Auto repair shop is cool?

I can let off steam for it in the ambience. 5 stars! Because the old garage is cool! Mega cool!

The interior great renovated, a lofty vintage - style. In the cool sense. Not Till Schwaiger sepia filter. But a stylish vintage.

The outdoor areas are basically in their own vegetable garden. The owners try to grow as much produce as possible themselves. Which is certainly a nice idea, at least for herbs.

And you sit here really beautiful. The whole thing is simply idyllic. Soul dangle would be such a keyword, which fits very well to the place.

Full table

I start from the exciting and multilingual menu with the "Empanaditas de ternera gauchas". As small dumplings filled with minced beef. A poem! But let's really start from the beginning: The bread alone is delightful. And that doesn't happen to you often in Mallorca.

Then we continue with the "Croquetas de Butifarrón típico mallorquín con confitura de tomates". A poem. Period. It's only since I've lived here that I've found good croquetas. You can't get them in the touristy places. There's frozen goods that you should avoid because they're really tasteless at best, having absorbed the flavor of the mostly no longer dewy fat unhindered. But really good homemade croquettes, prepared by a chef with pretensions, are a poem. And it is the same at es Taller in Valldemossa. Delicious!

Further it goes to the main course. And that I can eat so much at all is only possible because we hiked before and my stomach hung in the back of my knees. And the "Cerdito Ibérico con Mole de Oaxaca, salsa de roquefort y pimientos del piquillo caramelizados" is just fantastic. Basically a modern interpretation of the famous Mallorcan suckling pig. And extremely successful. Perfect to the point!

I am so excited that I eat up and can only attest to the dessert arriving that it looks good ;)

Nice they are here!

The service is reserved. But extremely friendly and helpful. Wonderful! And the price / performance ratio is a small sensation. Especially the tapas I find very cheap for the quality, even the main course with 18, - euros is still cheap, although no longer as clearly as with the starters, which are priced at 4-6 euros each.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can just switch off. And have fun on the journey, then you will spend a great time at Es Taller. A small oasis in the middle of Valldemossa, which is actually quiet anyway. If there were not the hordes of tourists ...

Unexpectedly cool. And unexpectedly good! You absolutely have to go there!



Es Taller Valldemossa






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