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Izizi Nunnak Molinar
El Molinar

Izizi Nunnak Molinar

but please without children ...

for adults only?!

Yes. Seriously. And this in child-friendly Spain. Personally, I don't like it. But since there are many people who see children more as a source of noise and annoyance, I deliberately leave this subjective part out of the evaluation. Because, of course, an evening without children is also something nice ...

In addition, the service, at least with me, always steadfastly refused to reserve a table on the front terrace. That makes the evening without children then a bit of a gamble. Because whether by chance exactly then something is free, should unfortunately be rather unlikely.

The Izizi Nunnak Molinar praises itself as part of Portixol. Apart from the fact that these place names are highly unclear anyway, in my opinion, in the middle of the Rambla was always end with Portixol and it started with Molinar. Therefore the Izizi Nunnak runs with us as "Molinar". Whatever may be correct ;)

WHEREVER it may be, Izizi Nunnak Molinar is a magical place.

Izizi Nunnak Molinar is a bar ...

When you enter Izizi Nunnak, you are immediately impressed by the stunning interior design. The restaurant has a beautiful bar with an elegant and modern design, perfect for a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap. The rest of the restaurant is decorated with warm, rustic accents, and the large windows offer panoramic views of the sea.

and a restaurant ...

Izizi Nunnak is an adults-only restaurant, making it the perfect place for a date or an evening with friends. The intimate and sophisticated atmosphere is ideal for a romantic dinner, and the open kitchen allows guests to watch the chefs at work, adding to the overall experience of the restaurant.

The food at Izizi Nunnak is creative but traditional, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Particularly popular with diners are the seafood dishes, such as the grilled octopus and seafood paella. For those who prefer something more down-to-earth, the restaurant also offers a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, including a delicious vegetarian lasagna with seasonal vegetables. Although the food is not outstanding, it is good and worth the price, especially considering the restaurant's beautiful location on the seafront.

The service varied for me between arrogant and unfriendly. And cordially professional. Everything was there. Therefore, the star rating is unfortunately too bad for the staff who made an effort. And too good for the others ...

Overall, the value for money at Izizi Nunnak Molinar is good, especially considering the beautiful location and stunning interior design. The restaurant is the perfect place for a special occasion, and the adults-only atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. If you're in the corner. And especially if it's close to sunset and you can get a seat on the front terrace, you should try Izizi Nunnak Molinar. I think you will like it!

Izizi Nunnak Molinar






Carrer del Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 73
Balearic Islands

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