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Ola del Mar Portixol
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Ola del Mar Portixol

from the sea fresh to the table

Ola del Mar Portixol is a popular harbor restaurant in the former fishing village of Portixol, located just outside Palma de Mallorca. In recent years, Portixol has become a trendy destination, attracting a mix of locals and visitors from all over the world. The area is known for its relaxed atmosphere and quaint, colorful houses that line the sea.

Thank you Guillermo Cabot

Ola del Mar has been around since 2013, but only since Guillermo Cabot took over has the quality of its cuisine been really reliable at a very high level. Cabot was previously maître at Caballito de Mar.

One of the outstanding features of Ola del Mar is its magnificent location on the first shore line, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant has two outdoor terraces, perfect for al fresco dining, and even in the winter months there are heaters and see-through screens that allow guests to enjoy the view while staying warm.

The interior of Ola del Mar is chic and nautical, with exposed stone walls, wooden floors and ceiling beams, and wave motifs throughout the establishment. Tables are set with formal blue and white tablecloths, and the overall atmosphere is upscale yet inviting. There is a small private room on the first floor that can seat up to 15 guests.

What's on the table at Ola del Mar Portixol?

The menu at Ola del Mar Portixol focuses on fresh fish, seafood, rice, and pasta dishes. There are several excellent appetizers, including shrimp carpaccio with nuts and parmesan, and a trio of stuffed croquettes. My absolute favorite are baer the "Calamar fresco salteado con sobrasada, picada de ajo y perejíl y salsa teriyaki." So fresh squid dressed with the typical Mallorcan sobrasada. That then with a bit of teriyaki sauce even added a touch of fusion. Is very heavy by the powerful Sobrsada. But a pleasure! Also excellent is the tuna tataki on soy mashed potatoes with Thai sauce and almonds. So you see, Cabot is oriented to mostly regional products. But every now and then he ventures into more exotic combinations, but never betrays the roots of his cuisine.

Which of course are found especially in the classic paellas, I like yes especially the "ciega" (blind) version, here called "Señorito", which is prepared with homemade broth. The menu also includes lobster and crawfish paellas at market price, as well as a "calderata" (stew). For dessert, any of the traditional options are a hit. My favorite: "Sopa de chocolate blanco y helado de caramelo con frutos secos" or translated somewhat soberly on the menu in German: Suppe aus weißer Schokola de mit Karamelleis und Nüssen.

Nice they are! And good!

The service at Ola del Mar Portixol is professional and cordial, making it the perfect choice for a special occasion or a casual dinner by the sea. After dinner, you can end the evening with a stroll along the seafront. And with Palma just a stone's throw away, it's easy to return to town after a long meal at Ola del Mar Portixol for a well-deserved Spanish siesta. The walk back along the sea to the level of the cathedral is a stroll of about half an hour.

Ola del Mar Portixol






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