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Periplo Portixol - Portixol's best view
Es Portixol

Periplo Portixol

the best view Portixol has to offer!

WOW! I was very excited when I went to the new restaurant in Portixol on Friday for a spontaneous and unfortunately too short lunch. Periplo Portixol it is called. It took more than a year to renovate and build. And really very recently must have been the opening.

Ex Tapas Club - now Periplo Portixol

I was with a colleague on the construction site of our Molinar Townhouses and on the way back we got stuck here. Previously here was the Tapas Club. Which consisted of a chill indoor area and just the almost boat-like outdoor terrace. Food was never famous. But offered the most beautiful views of Palma, sensational sunsets and inedible it was not.

t some point the building was "vacated" by the landlords and it stood empty for quite a while. Until suddenly bustling activity began and here really not only renovated, but basically everything was turned upside down. Rumors said, here one of the best caterers of Mallorca would now realize his restaurant project.

I'll start by saying that the service at the Periplo Portixol was extremely nice and accommodating. Super! Since we had little time and the map would not have made my decision easier, I asked the waiter what he would recommend.

My Spanish is ...

And also understood half ... So, as you can see for yourself in the photo, the glazed eggplant came accompanied by a Parmesan - cream. A nice counterpoint, hearty, heavy, but almost elegant taste. In addition, the peeled bell pepper pieces and the pistachios have given an almost fruity counter design. In addition, the pistachios also their crunchy texture. Round! Delicious! Great!

Sole in the restaurant in Portixol!

For the main course we decided on a sole. As I'm sure some of you know, I'm really not a fish expert. But even I can say: The preparation was great! That was simply a much higher level than we get here in the first place otherwise offered. And not because it is otherwise bad. No, because it was simply a number better in the Periplo.

This started with such small details that the garlic was just perfectly seared. So not a hint too dark brown. Not dry, not bitter. Just exactly right. Just so perfect. And the appetizer as well as the fish were really smart. But not too smart. But still an honest cuisine, whose clarity ran through.

The grilled vegetables were also great. Wild fennel, carrots, eggplant and so on. Threw them on the grill. Oil over it. Done! Yummy!

Everything is just bungled!

I do not want to hide at all that I was not prepared Friday to go out to eat to write about it later. Therefore, I have today - on Sunday - already my little problems to bring the ingredients really right together. Please do not put this on the gold scale. But why I serve you such a half-baked story, of which I have already forgotten half? Because the food was brilliant. And if you happen to come by. And you think about where you should go eat, then you should know: Try it out, it's worth it! And soon you will not be able to eat here without a reservation.

This restaurant in Portixol is a bit more expensive, but ...

The price range is actually already an upscale. We spent over 100 euros with an appetizer that we shared, a whole fish, no dessert and no café, because the break was not enough for the meal. That's steep. Therefore, I would recommend to show up here rather in the evening and in any case with time, so that it is worth it for you to be able to convert these certainly proud, but completely justified prices into relaxed enjoyment!


You can find the second visit in my blog at:


Periplo Portixol Saint Peter's fish and grilled vegetables






Carrer del Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 67
Balearic Islands

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