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Making living dreams come true on time?

As a project manager (m/f/d) with us, you will be responsible for ensuring that our construction projects are successfully implemented from initial planning to completion.

Du wirst dafür sorgen, dass die Projektziele in Bezug auf Zeit, Kosten und Qualität erreicht werden. Mit Deinem strategischen Denkvermögen und <deiner Erfahrung im Projektmanagement wirst Du die Aktivitäten von Architekten, Ingenieuren und unseren Partnern koordinieren und sicherstellen, dass alle Beteiligten auf dem gleichen Stand sind.

You will prepare project reports and presentations for management that provide a clear overview of the project's progress and success. Communication is the key to success. This is even more true for the position of project manager.

Maintaining good communication with all stakeholders while keeping track of deadlines on time is thus your most important task. You will be the driving force behind our projects and make sure that everything runs smoothly and successfully.

Our office is located in the first line of the sea in Portixol and this will also be your place of work.

What makes us different?

The Predator SL is a dynamic and young company, which is characterized by its human and team-oriented corporate culture. We attach great importance to flat hierarchies and an open communication structure that enables our employees to work quickly and effectively.

We build apartments and houses that we rent out. Occasionally, we also sell projects, but that is rather the exception in the absolute luxury segment. Our core business is renting.

The Predator SL has set itself the goal to develop living dreams. To make something out of space that is homely. Perhaps also sometimes impressive. But always also practical.

Our claim is to offer completely different qualities than the rest of the market. Our properties are always in top locations. And we invest a lot to deliver the special and singular experience of unobtrusive luxury to our customers.

Our mission: to create a home for our customers. To be able to guarantee this, we form the complete value chain with our partners. This means that we are involved in every phase of construction, from conceptual design to the selection of furniture.

Now you come into play.

Who are we looking for?

For us it is important that our small team works! Therefore, communication and teamwork is one of the most important qualities that you should bring.

In addition, the following skills are important:

  • Ability to efficiently plan complex projects, identify resources, develop schedules, and successfully implement the project.
  • Understanding the potential for risks within a project and the ability to identify and effectively manage those risks.
  • Ability to create, manage and monitor a project budget to ensure effective use of available resources.
  • Good communication and teamwork skills that enable effective collaboration with other professionals
  • Ability to identify problems, develop solutions, and make decisions to effectively move projects forward.
  • Experience with various project management software

So if you have experience in the industry, are a team player, have an eye for detail, then you've come to the right place!

So that we can communicate well, it would be great if you speak very good English. German is not essential for us. But Spanish is important.

Please convince us with a meaningful application.

The following part has for me the highest relevance. I want to know why you think to be the best person for the job. Please take your time. And please fill this out in english. And use as many words as you need to answer this as well as possible.Please also answer these 5 questions:

1. how do you personally define work-life balance?
2. where do you see yourself in 5 years?
3. why are you not further along than you are today?
4. do you enjoy negotiating? If yes, why?
5. does something connect you with real estate? If yes, what?

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