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Molinar Townhouse 22B is available!

Here you can see how concepts are created. Aina, the interior designer for the Molinar Townhouse project, starts with a so-called skribble. This is a line drawing on the iPad that defines the basic layout of an area. But already in a "pseudo 3D", in which the perspective effect is captured.

Molinar Townhouse rent
Line drawing

When there is agreement on the concept, the drawing is coloured. To distinguish the zones even better. And to see whether the materials and their colours work together.

Molinar Townhouse - 1
it's getting colourful

After a few rounds, the patio of the Molinar Townhouses is finished in the rough sketch. The materials are fixed, the position and type of the light is determined. And a rough draft for the furniture is also there.

Molinar Townhouse - 2
and is almost finished

For illustration to those who do the implementation planning, there is still a 2D with annotations. So that marks and details are clear. Or dimensions, where it is important. This then goes to the technical architect, who defines the dimensions and material list. And prepares it for the tender.

Molinar Townhouse rent
Ready with details!


The Molinar townhouses are of excellent quality. Every developer claims this, but we are happy to prove it. You will find the construction process fully transparent and authentically documented in our blog. With lots of photos. And lots of explanations.

Why is a Molinar Townhouse so good?

That's not quite easy to explain. Perhaps because we run this business out of passion. With the intention of making a profit, of course. But we believe that our customers appreciate an outstandingly good product. And therefore it also makes economic sense to think about every constructive detail. Like, for example, using genuine and authentic materials in the design. Not "similar" or "almost as good".

But what specifically?

It's going to be a long list. It starts with the shell. You can pour a foundation and build on it. Or you can do what we do and build a full basement in all houses to create an air envelope that protects them from rising damp in addition to the normal triple damp barrier. And then we go one better and install active ventilation in these half-basements. Perhaps a good example of a constructive detail that no one will see later. But it stands for a sustainable property. And not for lasting trouble.

Brands are not an end in themselves

Other examples: We use many high-quality brand products, which are of course more expensive. Not because they are brands. But because they are particularly good products. The pool glass mosaic tiles come from Ezzari in Italy, the fittings in the bathrooms from GESSI, also a top Italian manufacturer. TECNAL is a Spanish manufacturer that supplies us with the windows.

KNX - Bus system

We build a KNX bus system into every Molinar Townhouse . Not to make your life more complicated, but to let useful functions run automatically in the background. For example, we switch off the air conditioning and heating if a window is opened for more than 5 minutes. So that there are no nasty surprises when it comes to energy costs. And the intelligent system simply takes some of the load off you. It also facilitates later conversions or retrofitting because we make components easier to replace than with conventional systems.

And we don't like the cluster of thermostats in conventional systems, where there is a white box for the air conditioning in each room. Then the one for the underfloor heating. Plus a battery of light switches. We tell our contractors exactly and in detail where the uniform display has to be in the room. And what exactly they have to programme. If you plan these topics cleanly and in detail before the start of construction, you will benefit from a bus system. But if no good preparatory work is done in the implementation planning, then such a system can become a nightmare.

This is where the music plays

Let's move on to the audio system: Here we use SONOS. To be honest, it doesn't have the best sound of all available systems. But the combination of good usability and sound makes it unbeatable.

Some cuisines spoil the broth

In the kitchen of the Molinar Townhouses, you will find an induction hob with integrated extractor from BORA. Because in my opinion, they do it best. The oven is from GAGGENAU, which is the best insulated and works really well. The fridge is from MIELE. They have the best ratio of usable interior space to exterior dimensions. So as you can see, we try to find the best product for every purpose.


Molinar Townhouse: Eight beautiful townhouses are being built less than 100 metres from the sandy beach in El Molinar. Their fantastic Mediterranean design and top-quality furnishings make them something very special. Luxury in miniature. You will probably not find this high-quality construction in many more expensive villas. 

As a tenant of this perfect property, you will enjoy the proximity to Palma, Portixol and also the airport. But you are in complete peace in an almost village-like neighbourhood. 

This is precisely one of the reasons why many people have come to appreciate Portixol and Molinar so much over the years.

A wide range of gastronomy within walking distance, the promenade with the sports course right under your nose. But at home, the door slams shut and it's quiet and relaxing.

Molinar Townhouse rent

The Molinar Townhouses are rented since 01.07.2021. They will be handed over turnkey and on time. If you are interested, please put your name on the list of interested parties and if a house becomes available, we will let you know immediately!

Inside, the Molinar Townhouse is completely furnished. This includes furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, sofa. But not decorative items, outdoor furniture and shading solutions.

The house is fully equipped with CAT 6A cable in shielded version. There is a switch in the connection room, an access point and a router from Unifi, one of the top suppliers of modern network technology for homes and businesses. You can apply for internet access from the various services, which usually takes about a day. And with fibre optic technology, it's super fast and cheap. We are happy to help you!

We have a SONOS system for you in the kitchen. And there is a SONOS soundbar to go with the TV. So that it not only looks nice at Molinar Townhouse, but also sounds good!

At Molinar Townhouse you will find a ready-made fitted kitchen. With oven from GAGGENAU, induction hob with integrated exhaust air from BORA, refrigerator from MIELE. The fronts are made of real walnut. And form a super contrast to the beautiful natural stone worktop.

There are two places where we have provided connections. On the ground floor and upstairs in the staircase of the roof terrace. You can simply buy a washing machine and dryer here in the electrical store and have them delivered.

You can buy outdoor furniture very well at Maisons du Monde or Zara Home, for example. We are happy to give you tips for shading solutions!

Molinar Townhouse 22B is available!

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