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Molinar 6 mejores lugares en Mallorca
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About Molinar

One could almost think that Molinar is Portixol's little sister. However, at least in the past, Portixol was part of "El Molinar". We have written down a little about the history of Molinar for you.

Nowadays it is difficult to define the exact point where Portixol becomes Molinar. Some say before the Rambla. Others see the point just before the newly renovated port of Molinar.

El Molinar owes its name to the numerous windmills that are so typical of Mallorca. Our colleague has written a good article about the history of this fashionable area.

Molinar is perhaps even more uninspired and a bit more "normal" than Portixol. The small street that runs between the houses on the seafront and the sea is quieter than in Portixol with its one-way system. And the parking strip is not there. This means there is less traffic and more peace and quiet than in Portixol. However, the range of restaurants and bars is also somewhat smaller and also somewhat simpler.

All of Palma strolls between Portixol and Molinar at the weekend. The nearest town is Ciudad Jardín. There is a large sandy beach and a large number of restaurants. As a residential area, it is less popular compared to Portixol and Molinar because, on the one hand, the planes are much more audible. On the other hand, the distance to Palma is simply greater.

Sport is also possible...

The seafront promenade invites you to take a pleasant stroll, while the coastal cycle path connects the port of Palma de Mallorca with El Arenal over a distance of 20 kilometres. The entire stretch of coast is frequented by sportsmen and connoisseurs, countless cafés and restaurants invite you to linger, or buy a fishing rod and see what you can catch?

Old town on foot

The old town of Palma is a 20-30 minute walk away, past the beautiful cathedral. Just around the corner you will find supermarkets, small grocery shops, a well-known local butcher, bicycle rental, gyms and everything your heart desires. A car is more of a hindrance in Portixol and parking spaces are scarce in summer.

We rent out beautiful houses and flats here, check out the project Molinar Townhouse take a look!

Please also note our new projects that we are developing for sale. elMar, a brilliant large townhouse in Molinar in the first sea line, is particularly exciting in my opinion.

Molinar 6 mejores lugares en Mallorca
The Molinar Obelisk
Molinar Townhouse
Beacon at the harbour
Molinar Promenade Night
Cycle path after sunset
Flat with sea view
Sunrise on the promenade
Molinar 6 mejores lugares en Mallorca Pesca
You can also provide for yourselves ...
Molinar - Puerto en reconstrucción
The port in the renovation phase

Advantages of El Molinar:

  1. Proximity to the beach: One of the outstanding features of El Molinar is its close proximity to the beach. Residents of this neighborhood have the privilege of being just steps away from warm sandy beaches and the refreshing Mediterranean Sea. This allows for relaxing beach days, walks along the coast and enjoying spectacular sunsets over the sea.

  2. Sea View: Many properties in El Molinar offer breathtaking views of the sea. Whether you live in an apartment, townhome, or villa, the ability to have the vast ocean in front of your eyes gives this neighborhood a special appeal. The view of the water can be inspiring at any time of the day, providing a sense of calm and serenity.

  3. Coastal living: El Molinar has a charming and relaxed coastal flair. There are cozy beach bars, cafes and restaurants along the promenade serving local and international cuisine. The pleasant atmosphere and the sound of the waves create an inviting environment to enjoy the Mallorcan way of life.

  4. Local supply: El Molinar offers a good infrastructure for daily needs. There are supermarkets, stores, pharmacies and other services nearby, offering convenience and comfort to residents. You can do your shopping on foot, making you independent of a vehicle.

Disadvantages of El Molinar:

  1. Parking Situation: As with many coastal areas, finding parking in El Molinar can be a challenge, especially during the busier summer months. It can be difficult to find a parking space nearby, and residents may need to apply for a parking permit. Using public transportation or alternative transportation such as bicycles may be recommended to overcome this challenge.

  2. Tourism and visitor flows: Due to the attractiveness of its coastal location and proximity to Palma de Mallorca, El Molinar attracts tourists and visitors. This can lead to increased traffic and a livelier environment at peak times. For residents seeking peace and privacy, this can occasionally be considered disruptive.

  3. Real estate prices: The coveted location right by the sea has an impact on real estate prices in El Molinar

Real estate in Molinar:

Molinar - 1

House in Molinar - Casa Josep

If you want to buy a house by the sea, the air is getting thin. If you are looking for it in Portixol or Molinar, you will find JOSEP SEA VIEW II...

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House in Portixol by the sea

elMar - House by the sea

If you want to buy a house by the sea, the air is getting thin. If you are looking for it in Portixol or Molinar, you will find elMar ...

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Studio in Molinar rent Adoberia 17

Studio in Molinar

Rent a unique studio in Molinar: The "Studio Adoberia" is located in Molinar, one of the top spots in Palma de Mallorca. Only 50 m from the sandy beach. You can even hear the sea in your studio in Molinar!

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Molinar Townhouse

Molinar Townhouse 22B

Molinar Townhouse 22B one of our most exclusive products. It is less than 120m to the sandy beach of Molinar and the lively waterfront.

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Sor Cifre - Terrace

Sor Isabel Cifre Apartment

This bright and quiet flat is very close to the beautiful beach of Molinar. Only 200 metres from the beach. It consists of 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The spacious living room is beautifully lit with large windows.

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Gastro in Molinar:

Izizi Nunnak Molinar

Izizi Nunnak Molinar

A restaurant where children are not welcome. And where you can not reserve a table on the terrace ...

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