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Pizzicheria Mallorca

Pizzicheria Mallorca Pizzicheria
Davide has struck again. The native Italian came from South Korea to reinterpret pizza in Santa Catalina ...
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Davide has struck again! Davide di Meo, originally from Bologna and thus a child of Emilia Romagna, which I love from a culinary point of view, has had exciting periods in his life. Both in his gastronomic career and geographically.

Dublin - South Korea - Mallorca

In fact, he ended up in Mallorca via Dublin and South Korea. And precisely to Santa Catalina. In Carrer Annibal, 14 , where until Covid there was a wonderful Italian restaurant, he has opened a new and smart gastronomic concept.

And this very day. And Davide invited friends and the public to try out his pizzicheria and half of Palma was there! Plus Italian entertainers, many customers and acquaintances. And actually it was more a big party with lots of good humour than a tasting.

What is Pizzicheria Mallorca?

Honestly! I don't know ... I've tried to find out. But not even Wikipedia knows what a pizzicheria is. Google translates it as pizzeria. Does that do Davides Pizzicheria Mallorca justice?

The restaurant is small, narrow and cosy. Usually probably has around 10 tables. And outside it might look similar. The small kitchen, which goes away to the back about in the middle of the restaurant, makes the staff sweat profusely and the guest can see for himself that his pizza is freshly made.

In any case, I wish Davide and his team every success! An interesting and special concept that enriches Santa Catalina's gastro scene with another offer!

Short addendum: In Insta was opened today. And on 18.7. is the grand opening ... Hmm ... Maybe the next week before a spontaneous visit to the Pizzicheria Mallorca better call once 🙂

The pizza itself is something special. I'll have to ask Davide over the next few days, but he's obviously created an insanely loose and fluffy yeast dough, which is then a little delicacy when topped with the usual ingredients.

Is that enough to say it's good? Or just not good? No, of course not. But what I tried tasted great. And it made me curious. And I thought, maybe you'll just try it yourself and be happy to try something new in Palma?

Pizzicheria Mallorca

Pizzicheria Mallorca

Carrer d'Anníbal, 15, 07013 Palma, Illes BalearsTeléfono: 871 27 00 70

4.7 3 votes
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