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Rent apartment Santa Catalina Cotoner

€ 1.490,-
rented until July 31, 2023
Rent a flat Santa Catalina
Rent a flat Santa Catalina
65 m2 living space
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms

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About Loft Cotoner

In the middle of Santa Catalina

Beautiful and beautifully renovated flat in the middle of Santa Catalina. Right around the corner from the famous market hall, but at the same time - and this is unusual in this location - extremely quiet!

The two cosy master bedrooms are beautifully furnished. You will feel right at home. The third bedroom is ideal for a child or to use as a studio.

Balcony included!

The flat has a large balcony with a beautiful view over the roofs and has air conditioning that you can switch to heating mode in winter.

A really successful, Scandinavian-inspired interior design rounds off the all-round feel-good package.

Rent a flat in Santa Catalina!

You absolutely have to see it!

The microlocation

I can't remember the first time I went to Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet. But it is a district of Palma that is so different from the rest of the old town. And I immediately liked it very much.

The buildings are rather low, everything takes place around the Mercat (the market hall). And there is quite a lot going on.

In the evening, it's a hustle and bustle. All the restaurants are open. At least on weekends, people crowd through the streets, there is a hustle and bustle, until the officially decreed night's rest sets in relatively abruptly and Santa Catalina sinks into sleep until 9 / 10 in the morning.

The situation is completely different in Es Jonquet. The small hill above the harbour of Palma, like a peninsula in front of the colourful hustle and bustle of Santa Catalina, is a flowery oasis of tranquillity.

About Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet

quiet flat for rent Santa Catalina

At Calle Cotoner, 37, you're just around the corner from the famous market hall in Sta Catalina. But at the same time, you're in a quiet and relaxed micro-location that's a must-see!

How much does Loft Cotoner cost?

ATTENTION: Firmly rented until at least July 31, 2023.

Please register on our list of interested parties completely without obligation, then we keep you up to date!

€ 1490,- per month

Rent for a contract term of one year or more plus a service charge prepayment, which is offset against the actual consumption and the apportionable costs on a calendar year basis.

More information about Loft Cotoner?

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