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Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet

View of the port from Es Jonquet
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Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a unique part of Palma that stands out from the rest of the old town. From the moment I first came here, Santa Catalina immediately captivated me. The special atmosphere and the many assets make this district a real gem.

One of the outstanding features of Santa Catalina is its low-rise buildings. Here you will not find towering buildings, but charming houses and apartments that preserve the historic character of the neighborhood. The highlight of Santa Catalina is undoubtedly the Mercat, the market hall. Here you can expect fresh food, local specialties and a lively hustle and bustle. The market is the heart of the neighborhood and attracts locals and visitors alike.

Especially in the evening Santa Catalina blossoms in full splendor. The gastronomic scene is diverse and lively. Restaurants, bars and cafés open their doors and offer a wide selection of culinary delights. From traditional tapas to international fusion cuisine, you'll find everything your heart desires. The streets are lively, and especially on weekends people crowd the alleys and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Santa Catalina becomes a meeting place for connoisseurs and night owls.

But Santa Catalina is not only a place for exciting nightlife, but also for rest and relaxation. During the day you can discover the quieter sides of the neighborhood. Along the idyllic streets and in the small plazas you will find cozy cafes where you can relax and watch the hustle and bustle. The proximity to the port and the promenade also offers the opportunity to take a walk by the sea and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

Another advantage of Santa Catalina is its optimal location. The district is located in the immediate vicinity of downtown Palma and is easily accessible by public transport. Whether you want to explore the historic center, take a trip to the beach or visit the surrounding attractions - from Santa Catalina you are well connected.

In summary, Santa Catalina is a unique and lively district of Palma that offers numerous advantages. The charming development, the lively market, the exciting nightlife and the ideal location make this district a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of Santa Catalina and be enchanted by its diversity and charm.

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Es Jonquet

Es Jonquet is a unique neighborhood in Palma de Mallorca, known for its historic charm and picturesque atmosphere. In this text I would like to give you an overview of the pros and cons of this neighborhood to help you decide if Es Jonquet is right for you.

Es Jonquet stands out for its picturesque alleys, traditional buildings and preservation of the original style. The neighborhood has a rich history and many of the old fishermen's houses have been lovingly restored and converted into charming apartments. The charm and authenticity of the neighborhood are a real treat for lovers of historic architecture.

Although Es Jonquet is located near the busy city center of Palma, there is a pleasant calm and serenity. The streets are less busy and you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It is a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and come to rest.

We have bought a townhouse with sea views in Es Jonquet. The building application has been approved and we can start the conversion. More about this soon in our newsletter.



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Real estate in Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet:

Ático Palma Whonroom

Penthouse in Palma

If you are looking for a really light and airy apartment that has also been renovated in a great style, check out this Ático Palma!

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Santa Catalina Townhouse Es Jonquet Moli

Casa Moli Townhouse Es Jonquet

In Es Jonquet we are reforming this beautiful old townhouse Santa Catalina. The extensive renovation will preserve the old charm. But will result in a completely new luxurious townhouse.

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Loft Santa Catalina Loft Anibal

Loft d'Annibal

You've just come from the market hall, which is less than 100m away. Open the door to your flat, push your bikes in and enjoy the peace and quiet of your private patio. That's how life works in this flat.

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Gastronomy in Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet

stagier Bar Palma

stagier Bar Palma

The stagier Bar Palma turns out to be an epicenter of creativity with the courage to leave gaps. A fine piece of kitchen fun in the middle of Santa Catalina!

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