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Son Vida - Beverly Hills of Palma?

Son Vida - Beverly Hills Palmas
turning spaces into homes

Directly near Palma

Son Vida was built in the 1950s. An American pilot designed the area and his company is still developing it today. A huge advantage is that it really is directly adjacent to Palma.

Son Vida is safe

With 24-hour security and a single access road, Son Vida has plenty of security to offer its discerning clientele.

Food and Golf in Son Vida

Two 5-star hotels belong to the complex, the Castillo Hotel Son Vida and the Arabella Sheraton. Both are first-class hotels.

Golf players get their money's worth with the golf course belonging to the complex, and there are even two other golf courses directly adjacent. By European standards, this is an incredibly good offer for golfers.

But also nature

Son Vida borders on the Serra Burguesa. Not only are excursions to Palma spontaneous, but also into nature. Or why not go out to eat in Genova again!



Son Vida Golf - Plots in Son Vida
Arabella Sheraton Luxury Hotel Son Vida
Arabella Sheraton Luxury Hotel Son Vida
Son Vida project plot c/ Galdent 9
Luxury villas in planning by Predator and Jaime Salvas
Son Vida Plots Galdent 5
Luxury villas in planning by Predator and Jaime Salvas

And? Does the comparison apply?

Is Son Vida now the Beverly Hills of Palma? Hard to say. Admittedly, it's been over 20 years since I was in Beverly Hills. And as a visitor you don't see much more than walls. 

In fact, however, an area has developed here - presumably strongly favoured by its proximity to Palma - that is unparalleled in its density of high-quality development and its constant price development.

So it is at least correct to assume that Son Vida is one of the best and most exclusive locations in Palma. Is it the most exclusive location? Tell me how you would determine that ...

Judging by the prices at which houses have been sold in recent years, the air is very tight for other locations. At best, Port d'Andratx can still keep up. If I take the prices per square metre of the plots of land as a basis, an urban location like Portixol is naturally far ahead.

In contrast to Port d'Andratx, I find the infrastructure in Son Vida more convincing, at least where there are sewers. And as I said, the proximity to Palma and the airport is certainly the killer argument.

In case of doubt, it is certainly subjective, but it is fair to say that Son Vida is at least the Beverly Hills of Palma. And maybe even a little more!

Our projects in Son Vida:

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