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Portixol - fisherman or hipster?

Portixol Promenade Sunset
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About Portixol

Actually, Portixol does not officially exist. The district of Palma around which everything revolves is El Molinar. It stretches from the Marina Plaza complex, which is not really worth mentioning architecturally, to the next town, Ciudad Jardin. The part closer to Palma is a former neighbourhood of Molinar called Portixol, or El Portitxol in Mallorquin. Then comes El Molinar itself, named after the many windmills so typical of Mallorca. Our colleague has written a nice article about the history of this trendy neighbourhood.

Portixol, the small fishing village right by the sea, is almost more of a hipster hangout today, but with a lot of charm and heart. It is probably the most popular hot spot in Palma de Mallorca.

Hipster united

The mixture of local, almost village-like serenity and lively, trendy gastronomy is certainly what makes this beautiful place so appealing. All of Palma strolls here at the weekend. But in the evenings and during the week, Mallorcan serenity settles over the beautiful little bay again ...

Sport also goes ...

The waterfront promenade invites you to take a leisurely stroll, and the coastal cycle path connects the port of Palma de Mallorca with El Arenal over 20 kilometres. The entire stretch of coast is frequented by sportsmen and connoisseurs, and countless cafés and restaurants invite you to linger. Or buy a fishing rod and see what you catch?

Old town on foot

It takes 20-30 minutes to walk to the old town of Palma, past the beautiful cathedral. Just around the corner you will find supermarkets, small grocery shops, a famous local butcher's shop, bicycle rental, gyms and whatever your heart desires. A car is more of a hindrance in Portixol, parking spaces are scarce in summer.

Portixol sunset in winter

It's not every day that the sun shines! Especially in winter, it can be really stormy and rainy. Take a look at the weather:

But most of the time it is beautiful ...

Real estate in Portixol:

Portixol - 2

la13 - Apartment by the sea

Do you also dream of a flat by the sea? Do you love Portixol? This flat by the sea is directly in the bay of Portixol in the first sea line. With a fantastic view of the Mediterranean. Within reach!

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Loft Azul Portixol

Loft Azul

Our Loft Azul is the perfect home for up to 4 people, ideally two couples or a couple with children. From your balcony you have a fantastic view across the first row of houses to the sea and the bay of Portixol. 

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Flat Portixol rent Loft Rosa

Loft Pink

Do you want to rent a flat in Portixol? Loft Rosa offers you fantastic views over the houses of the first sea line directly to the sea and the bay of Portixol.

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la23 Townhouse Portixol

la23 Townhouse

Why choose when you can have it all? With la23 you live in a beautiful house with stunning sea views first and foremost. But also with a truly impressive interior and quality, a dream come true.

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Gastronomy in Portixol

Periplo Portixol - Portixol's best view

Periplo Portixol

I have been to Periplo twice. Let me surprise you, if the content of both visits coincide. Here comes the first ...

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Prosecco Portixol outdoor table

Prosecco Portixol

Sabrina is part of the "inventory" in Portixol. It is impossible to imagine the first sea line without the Prosecco. With her charm and her wonderful cuisine, she is the first to be booked out...

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Ola del Mar Portixol

Ola del Mar Portixol

Ola del Mar was taken over by Guillermo Cabot a few years ago. And since then it has been a rock in the first sea line of upscale cuisine in Portixol ....

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