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Would working in Palma appeal to you? Whether you want to take your start-up to the next level or are looking for a cool co-working space. Don't miss out...
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Working in Palma. And in this fantastic house. It used to be a youth hostel, but the owners didn't want it anymore. We have now signed and acquired the house to enable founders to grow their start-ups better and more successfully here together with a team of old hands (yes, we are now ...) from a wide range of disciplines.

So: what we are designing here will be a mixture of active incubator and co-working space. Of course "befittingly" next to the Royal Palace and only a stone's throw away from the Cathedral away.

A beautiful classicist old building. With great balconies. Roof terraces. Beautiful views. But for once, this is not about living, but about working in Palma!

Experience in trade and technology

And we work on topics that, from our point of view, can be related to trade and technology. Because that's where we have a lot of experience and network to contribute. And we can certainly be of particular help in taking shortcuts. My wish would be for the founders to be able to focus fully on their operative business. And in particular to be able to do without financing rounds to a large extent. Or at least be able to carry them out professionally and successfully with our support.

So the idea was: better less. But then do it properly. If we are convinced by a concept, we would like to offer the founders all the tools and assets. And mostly directly on site. So that you just go to the neighbouring office to ask your question. Maybe with a mask for a while... But certainly more efficient and time-saving than always having to set up a call for everything.

Working in Palma: focus on business

From my own entrepreneurial experience, I know the flow you have to get into. And that's exactly what I want to make possible. Focus on the business. Help with the peripheral issues that are important. Finances, law, taxes and - if you don't have a soft spot for it - marketing and product.

I am currently setting up this idea. I have already received commitments from two top people who want to join. I'm still working on others, because I want to be able to offer our founders the best "old hands" team they could wish for. The time horizon is still two years plus. If you would like to discuss this without obligation, please send me a message!

Greetings from Palma,


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