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French fries barrier in Paguera

Grillmueller in Paguera
Fries barrier at the Grillmeister I need now and then simply! Now the Grillmeister in Paguera but is no longer a Grillmeister ...
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I like to travel. But I hate the packing and everything around it. Even on business trips, I occasionally showed up with just a T-shirt and boxer shorts in my laptop bag.

But sometimes the good is somehow close and one of the most beautiful sides of Mallorca is just its extremely large variety. What you can reach in no more than half an hour from Palma is phenomenal. And sufficiently different to let a little vacation feeling arise even for the resident!

The best wife of all needs some rest and focus today. So I grab the older part of the offspring and go on a little excursion!

A trip to Paguera

Paguera has something mysterious for me. The party-hungry Germans are in El Arenal and at the Playa, the British sunbathe (or better redden?) in Magaluf and surroundings. And all other tourists should please be sustainable and luxurious on the road. At least that's what the island government wants. 

Apart from the fact that there are not so many really luxurious locations on the island. But the majority of the predominantly Majorcan hotels could well think about their outdated concepts ... But luxury of any kind does not push the viewer in Paguera in the view!

The wonderful "man speaks German" rather imposes itself. Only that here just not in the 80s half Munich invaded Italy. But Germany in the 2000s to Paguera. In the 50s and 60s, by the way, it was the wealthy Madrileneans who moved to Paguera.

And then in Paguera - as in many emigrant places - this peculiar subculture came along. Where you never know as a German whether you should be uncomfortable, maybe even embarrassed. Or find it secretly somehow nevertheless quite nice. Then there are places like "Krümels Stadel" or the "Schwarzwald Café", where the inclined tourist doesn't have to notice at all that he is in Spain. Whereby I would not even know in Germany, where there are comparable places.

Paguera - Black Forest Cafe
Not only the Black Forest Café is too ...

I seem to remember that the Black Forest Café played a role in Goodbye Germany. But because I am too little up to date, I read in the always well-informed Mallorca newspaper. There it says, it should be open. But it is not.

Paguera today, early Thursday evening in the middle of August, does not look like extinct. But also not really full. In addition, there are strange opening hours. The new waffle store is closing. Although it is directly down at the beach. Good, then we can not make any sales there ...

Right next to it is a nice children's playground. And to make it even better for the kids, there's even a kind of fair with a small ride and a bouncy castle. So seriously, for a small resort, this is a great offer, I think.

The kontiki Beach, with 4.5 Tripadvisor stars probably not a complete disaster and located directly on the beach, is open. More than half full it is in fact but also not.

We walk past some more closed stores. Some look like they will reopen tomorrow. Others seem to have been closed for a while. These are surely still after-effects from the Corona time, nevertheless it seems as if Paguera has not completely woken up again from its winter sleep.

But we are drawn to a certain point anyway. The Thuringian country, where we were already once at Corona - times. At that time it was closed and the Grillmüller had opened. There had probably either the Mrs. Müller of Mr. Meister a few stores taken over or the other way around ... Anyway, the two almost side by side Bratwurst Gastros in Paguera basically belong together, the Grillmüller has the slightly larger assortment.

But I am interested in the classic curry sausage, as I also like to eat in the Grillmeister on the Paseo or on the Playa de Palma. And there is here in a really good quality. Either as Krakauer (I do not like ...), as Thuringian or but as a half meter the sausage comes into the machine. Is then garnished with this everywhere similar tasting curry sauce. And with the gastro tax then dusted with the yellow powder that gives it the slight spiciness. And if you order fries with it, you have a choice of ketchup or mayo. I take both, of course.

It came as it had to come. It tastes like childhood. After the chip shop in the pedestrian zone, where I was always allowed to buy a bag of chips after swimming. With lots of mayo on them. And I still love this cheap gastro-majo to this day. The synapses are drilled on it, I can't avoid a second portion. The sausage is as expected, but what should it surprise with? That would not be its task. After all, I want to get what I came here for. And that's without a lather of horseradish mustard ...

Conclusion: Good! Exactly as expected. In addition, a San Miguel at the offer price from the barrel, what desires the men's soul more?

Our salesman? Or waiter? Or cook? was really nice! Just two days on the island. But threw the store with a nice relaxed, that you like to come back! He also told me that it was probably just today so quiet. 

I hope the restaurateurs in Paguera had a good enough season to mitigate Corona's losses somewhat! I like this somewhat curly mix of restaurants, cafes and souvenir stores. It's a wonderful little time travel that's 15 minutes from Palma. And yet shows a very different attitude to life.

Paguera - sunset - romantic

With children, the beach is fantastic and what Calvia here - as well as in most other places belonging to the municipality - has put on the legs at playground and so on is great cinema. So if you ever feel like a real German snack bar - Currywurst have, then you must to the Thuringian country!

If you know more about the mystery of the closed stores here, please write it to me in the comments below

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